DSC03012_thumb.jpgThe EAPR testing house will not be carrying out any more German LTF certifications. The reason: five years after their first DAkkS accreditations they would have to redo all their audits and reports. 

The anticipated cost: about 50,000 €, according to its Managing director, Guido Reusch who is also Secretary of the Paragliding Manufacturers Association, the PMA. 

Despite a high volume of work over the last few years, the EAPR estimates this to be too high an investment, and so they will no longer be providing the famous LTF certification from the 1st of August 2018. 

It’s ironical in a way because it was the EAPR which actively participated in the testing houses becoming governed by the DAkkS.

However, as LTF certification remains obligatory in Germany, which is one of the biggest markets in Europe, the manufacturers will no doubt go to the DHV or Alain Zoller’s Air Turquoise.

Aérotest, the FFVL’s testing house, could also benefit because, according to its framework, the accreditation of this federal testing house should be recognised at a European level, without having to go via a German certification body, such as the DAkkS. 

Alain Zoller from Air Turquoise will be faced with the same situation as the EAPR in 2020: should he invest this amount or not?

For the moment, all hopes of using the EN norms instead of LTF in all European countries, including recalcitrant Germany, haven’t come to fruition. 

In the worst case scenario, the DHV’s monopoly could be rekindled. They have already decided to invest in the DAkkS for their 2019 audits. 

Guido Reusch’s EAPR will continue to test according to EN norms. The testing house also offers manufacturers advice and material tests.