The 2016 Super Final is currently taking place in Brazil from the 18th to the 28th of January 2017.
The first five tasks have been very varied.
The World Cup has seen the return in force of Gin gliders. The all new Boomerang 11 is pretty much at the top of its classification, they share the first ten places with the Ozone Enzo 2 and especially the Zeno. The serial class Zeno, which is a less demanding version of the Enzo 2, seems to have proved that an easier, safer wing can still have its place in top level races.
The amazing results of the Gin Boomerang 11 seem to prove the legitimacy of Gin’s promise “to make big improvement in performance, especially in sinking air, whilst keeping the speed of the Boomerang 10”.
The British pilots in the competition are doing a great job. They have virtually all had top 10 places so far. Well done to Guy Anderson, Russel Ogden, Julian Robinson, Idris Birch and Brendan Reid. We wish them every success in the remaining 5 tasks.
Further information, live tracking and all the results can be found here:

(by Ruth Jessop and Sascha Burkhardt)